Abortion can be challenging to discuss, but it’s essential to talk through and consider all the risks involved when considering this option. You owe it to yourself to know the facts.

Talk in a safe and non-judgmental space to be better informed, safeguard your health, and decide for yourself. 

Be Better Informed

At Queen City PRC, we offer abortion information so you can feel informed to make your pregnancy decision.

What are North Carolina’s abortion laws? What are the different types of abortion procedures and the risks? Who do I tell, and how do I tell them? What will my partner or parents say? We can help offer clarity on these pressing questions that you have. You are not alone.

Our medical team offers a private consultation to provide you with accurate information on abortion in North Carolina.

Safeguard Your Health

It’s important to ensure your pregnancy’s health and progression, to protect your health and safety, as different abortion procedures are done at different points of pregnancy. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, up to 20% of known pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. We offer pregnancy services so you can know where your pregnancy stands. 

An ultrasound will alert you to any pregnancy complications, the location of your pregnancy, and whether it’s healthy and progressing. Get no-cost pregnancy testing and ultrasound with us today. 

Decide for Yourself

No one should pressure you into any decision. You will have to live with your pregnancy decision, so the decision is entirely up to you to make. We are here to bring clarity along the way. Remember, you do have options.

Schedule a no-cost and confidential appointment to learn more about abortion and your pregnancy options. We’re here to help.