One of the risks of abortion is an incomplete abortion. A study by the National Library of Medicine shares some of the signs of an incomplete abortion, including:

  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Abdominal cramping 
  • Fever
  • Low blood pressure

If you believe you are experiencing any abnormal symptoms after an abortion, seek medical attention right away. An incomplete abortion is detrimental to your health if not addressed right away. 

Always speak with your provider or a pregnancy center about your questions about abortion to make an informed decision. You deserve the answers to your many pregnancy options questions. Your health and safety should be a top priority.

What Is an Incomplete Abortion?

An incomplete abortion is a partial removal of pregnancy when undergoing an abortion. This is a risk that can occur with a medical and surgical abortion procedure. It’s a life-threatening complication if not treated right away.

There are serious complications of signs or symptoms of an incomplete abortion, including: 

  • Heavy vaginal bleeding or passing blood clots 
  • Enlarged uterus 
  • Fever 
  • Hypomenorrhea (light or infrequent menstrual periods) 
  • Infection 
  • Pelvic pain 

When to Get Immediate Medical Help

Signs and symptoms that a woman should seek immediate medical attention for incomplete abortion include: 

  • Difficulty breathing 
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding 
  • High fever 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Severe pelvic pain 

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