Online abortion (or at-home abortion) is formally known as medical abortion. There are serious physical risks that come with an abortion procedure, and even more risks when obtaining the drugs online. In this blog, we will explain why. You deserve to know the facts and the risks to protect your health.

First, Get a Health Screening

Before considering abortion and undergoing a major medical procedure, it’s imperative to understand where your health stands. Pre-existing health conditions, allergies, current medications, untreated STIs, the pregnancy’s gestational age, and whether or not the pregnancy is ectopic are essential to identify and protect your health.

Undergo the proper health screenings by a medical professional to confirm that no health conditions would increase your risk factors for the abortion pill. An ultrasound is important to confirm how far along you are and alert you to possible pregnancy complications. 

Safety of Drugs Online

When medical abortion is done online (also called online abortion or at-home abortion), there are risks to be aware of.

First, unregulated or overseas pharmacies can risk your safety, as these drugs could bypass FDA safeguards. Also, getting these drugs online doesn’t allow women to ensure the legitimacy and safety of the drugs. The lack of regulation can be dangerous to women’s health, especially since they will be taking them at home. 

Why Medical Oversight Matters

Last but not least, since at-home abortion is done without the presence of online providers, there is a lack of medical oversight. 

Any woman who orders the abortion pill online is fully responsible for monitoring her health and safety. This is a huge responsibility. Some women may not know when they are experiencing potential complications. 

Know Where Your Pregnancy Stands

One thing you can do to protect your health before considering your pregnancy options is to confirm where your pregnancy stands. Receive no-cost and confidential lab-quality pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds.

If you receive a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound confirms if your pregnancy is viable with a detectable heartbeat. It also reveals how far along you are in your pregnancy and its location.

Once you confirm your pregnancy, we can inform you about your options if you’d like.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and get answers. You are not alone.