While we recommend telling your partner about your pregnancy and if you’re considering abortion, it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. You’re not legally required to tell your partner which decision you choose, but you may find it helpful if you are in good standing with your partner.

 Some women don’t feel safe to tell their partner, and we understand. Talk to us today to ask any questions or talk through any concerns you have telling your partner.

Consider Your Partner’s Feelings

We know how much of an emotional rollercoaster pregnancy can be, especially if you weren’t expecting it. Consider how your partner may be feeling as well. They will be majorly impacted by whichever decision you decide on. 

Consider talking through your pregnancy decision with your partner and hear what they have to say. Though it’s your final decision, your partner’s insight is equally important. We know it’s not easy, but you may be surprised at your partner’s response.

Safety Comes First

If you don’t want to tell your partner about your pregnancy decision due to safety, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline by calling 800-799-SAFE. The advocate you speak with will help you determine the best plan to proceed safely.

 Abusive behavior in relationships often escalates during pregnancy. If you are in danger, contact the hotline right away for immediate help and support.

Get the Facts

It’s important to safeguard your health by getting the facts today. Do this through pregnancy testing and an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy details, alert you to any complications, and confirm your options. Medical abortion is only recommended by the FDA for those up to 70 days of gestation.

Schedule a no-cost appointment today to confirm your pregnancy and talk through your pregnancy options, including abortion. You are not alone.