Are you considering an abortion after finding out you’re pregnant? An unexpected pregnancy can come with lots of what if’s, but you are not alone in this. 

To begin your decision-making process about abortion and your other options, it’s important to take these three steps first:  

  • Confirm your pregnancy with pregnancy testing
  • Receive an ultrasound 
  • Information about abortion & other options (if desired)

1. Pregnancy Testing

If you’re experiencing a missed period or other symptoms of pregnancy, confirm with a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test detects the amount of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your urine released by the placenta during pregnancy. 

We at Queen City, Pregnancy Resource Center, offer no-cost, medical-quality pregnancy tests that can give immediate results.  

2. An Ultrasound

Once you receive a positive pregnancy test result, an ultrasound is recommended to determine where your pregnancy stands. An ultrasound is vital due to the following:

  • An ultrasound can detect a potential miscarriage. Close to 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and it’s crucial to detect to protect your health.
  • Medical abortions are only recommended in pregnancies up to 10 weeks. An ultrasound will reveal how far along the pregnancy is.
  • Confirm if you have an ectopic pregnancy with an ultrasound. This complication happens when a pregnancy grows outside the uterus. It can be life-threatening if a woman isn’t treated right away. Abortion is not a treatment for an ectopic pregnancy, so it’s essential to determine the location of a pregnancy before choosing an abortion method.

3. Abortion Information 

Get further clarity about abortion and your other options (if desired) before making your decision. You deserve the facts, as a decision regarding your pregnancy will affect your future in a big way.

You are not alone in the process. Confirm your pregnancy and talk to our compassionate team today. We are here for you.